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The price of any server includes accommodation in a modern eServer.Space Moscow data center (one of the leaders of the Moscow data center market, IBM Tier3 certified and PCI DSS certified), 100 Mbit/s and more port connection, as well as access to IPMI or remote reset. DirectAdmin or ISPManager control panels are provided free of charge upon request. IP KVM console is available for free for 15 minutes per month, if the server has no IPMI.
No hidden fees!

Intel Xeon

New Xeon E3 and E5 servers are ready for rental:

The listed setup price for special offers is applicable to orders of 1 month or more. The setup is free of charge in case of orders of 2 months or more.
DirectAdmin- DirectAdmin free of charge
ISPManager- ISPManager free of charge
Windows Server Web- Windows Server Web free of charge
Windows Server Standard- Windows Server Standard free of charge
IPMI- IPMI - full 24/7 access to the hardware of the server (BIOS and KVM console of the server) free of charge


Terms of bandwidth allocation

  • For a bandwidth of 100Mbit/s or less incoming and outgoing traffic on the client's equipment is free of charge without limits of volume, directions and without geographical separation
  • For a bandwidth of greater than 100 Mbit/s outgoing traffic from the client's equipment is free of charge without volume limit or geographical separation, subject to incoming-outgoing ratio of 1:4 (ie, the total share of incoming traffic should be no more than 25% of the outgoing traffic). Customers who are not able to maintain this ratio have to contact our sales department for an individual offer.
  • Equipment will be connected to either 100Mbit/s4, 1000Mbit/s or 10Gbit/s port in accordance with the client's preferences.

Standard options for all servers

  • Hardware breakdown exchange guarantee in case of faults not caused by customer.
  • 24-hour eServer.eu support team.
  • Access to eServer.eu client's area.
  • 1 IP address with possibility of expansion.
  • High-speed Ethernet port is already included in the price.
  • Premium connection placement inside E1 data center with more than 100GB/s total capacity.
  • Network availability of at least 99% per month.
  • Manual server reboot by request.
  • Support for the primary and secondary DNS server for the client's domain.
  • Connection to the network using Juniper and Cisco equipment.
  • DirectAdmin or ISPManager Control panel free of charge according to the client's preference!
  • Servers are built with original Intel platforms using only brand-name components.

Operating systems

The following Operating Systems with base configuration are available for setup on the server:
FreeBSD, Debian Linux, Fedora Linux Core, OpenSuSE, CentOS, Ubuntu Server, Trixbox CE, VMWare ESXi Hypervisor Free, Windows Server (paid license).
Also for an additional fee of 20 it is possible to install other OS's1.

Additional hardwareSetupPrice/monthly
HDD: 160Gb
(7200rpm, SATA)
0 4
HDD: 250Gb
(7200rpm, SATA)
0 6.25
HDD: 320Gb
(7200rpm, SATA)
0 8
HDD: 500Gb
(7200rpm, SATA)
20 12.5
HDD: 1000Gb
(7200rpm, SATA)
20 25
Additional port optionsSetupPrice/monthly
Additional 100MBit/s Ethernet port
8 12
100Mbit/s dedicated bandwidth port (without any limits or terms)
25 80
1000Mbit/s dedicated bandwidth port (without any limits or terms)
250 800
LAN server inter-connection
8 4/server

1 - The possibility of installation of a non-standard operating system has to be discussed with the support team separately. If for whatever reason the system cannot be installed by eServer.eu team the clients have the option of installing any operating system through the remote IPKVM up to 6 hours.

2 - Integrated Intel RAID (0,1) storage support 2 or 3 SATA devices (depends on the platform). Ability to use the built-in RAID capability depends on the chosen Operating System. Currently Microsoft Windows and FreeBSD systems are known to support it. If the OS does not support integrated RAID storage then eServer.eu specialists will install the system without RAID.

3 - Free of charge 100Mbit/s connection setup for the client's server is provided only if the load of this connection is no more than 30% (bandwidth must be less than or equal to 30Mbit/s). If the load exceeds this limit within 24 hours the connection will be restricted to 10Mbit/s. The client has an option of upgrading to a 100Mbit/s dedicated bandwidth which has no such restrictions (price is listed in the "Additional port options" above.).

4 - 1000Mbit/s server connection is available within 1000Mbit/s dedicated port rental service package. Price is listed in the "Additional port options" above.

- Standard server installation time depends on the system complexity and configuration and may take about 1-5 work days. For a more detailed information please contact our Dedicated server or Colocation sales managers using the contact form or by phone.

Prices are VAT exclusive (20%). Prices are shown in Euros