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Colocation (also known as co-location, collocation, equipment accommodation/placement) means placing the customer's equipment in the data center of the provider (rack space rent).

Colocation in Moscow (accomodation in E1 data center)

Colocation inside data centerPrice
Rack installation of the equipment (setup) per 1Ufree
Colocation of 1U
  • 1 PDU port 220V (350W) with remote reboot
  • 1 10/100Mbps Ethernet port4
  • 15 minutes of remote IPKVM access per month free of charge
  • 1 Ethernet port with dedicated IP address for iLo/IPMI
  • 4 IP address subnet (/30)5
  • Configurable monitoring with e-mail notifications
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Additional rack-space per 1Uˆ80/monthly
Additional power usage above 350W
(for each full or partial 100W)3
Nettop hosting: Asus EEEbox, Acer Revo, 3Q etc.
What's included?
Nettop refers to a device working on Atom or similar CPU
  • 1 PDU Port 220V (100W)
  • 1 10/100Mbps Ethernet port4
  • 15 minutes of remote IPKVM access per month free of charge
  • 4 IP address subnet (/30)5
  • Configurable monitoring with e-mail notifications
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Server delivery from the client-defined address to E1 data center
What's included?
  • Equipment pickup in Moscow within 5km range from the Moscow Ring Road
  • Equipment deliver to the data center
  • IP addresses change on the server's network interface by staff
  • Or IPKVM access for remote reconfiguration of network interfaces

Order colocation

Other services within colocationPrice
Extended 24/7 monitoring of the accomodated equipment
with telephone notifications
KVM-over-IP access to server (hourly rate)1 ˆ8/hourly
Additional IP address (/32 static routing) ˆ2.4/monthly
8 IP address subnet (/29) ˆ16/monthly
16 IP address subnet (/28) ˆ32/monthly
32 IP address subnet (/27) ˆ64/monthly
Private network announcement (per /24 subnet) ˆ25/monthly
BGP session (per /24 subnet) ˆ40/monthly
First 100Mbit/s port rental within standard terms4
Port setup: included in the colocation price
100Mbit/s dedicated bandwidth port rental
Port setup: ˆ25
1000Mbit/s Dedicated bandwidth port rental
Port setup: ˆ250
10Gbit/s bandwidth port rental call
Click here to see a full list of additional colocation services
Software rental and OS installation within colocation servicesPrice
OS installation (FreeBSD, Fedora, CentOS, SuSE, Ubuntu, Windows) ˆ20
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Web RUS Software rental ˆ8/monthly
Microsoft Windows Server 20XX Standard RUS Software rental ˆ16/monthly
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Web Software rental ˆ16/monthly
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard Software rental ˆ240/monthly

Terms of bandwidth allocation

For a bandwidth of 100Mbit/s or less incoming and outgoing traffic on the client's equipment is free of charge without limits of volume, directions and without geographical separation
For a bandwidth of greater than 100 Mbit/s outgoing traffic from the client's equipment is free of charge without volume limit or geographical separation, subject to incoming-outgoing ratio of 1:4 (ie, the total share of incoming traffic should be no more than 25% of the outgoing traffic). Customers who are not able to maintain this ratio have to contact our sales department for an individual offer.
Equipment will be connected to either 100Mbit/s4, 1000Mbit/s or 10Gbit/s port in accordance with your preferences.

Additional pricing terms of colocationPrice:
First 10/100Mbit/s Ethernet portˆ0/monthly
First controlled PDU access per piece of equipment (220V, 350W included)ˆ0/monthly
Additional controlled PDU access per piece of equipment (220V, 350W included)ˆ25/monthly
Dismantling of equipment from the rack (pickup from the data center)ˆ0
Dismantling of equipment from the rack
(with delivery to Moscow office or, if possible, client's office)

Standard options for all colocation plans

  • 1 IP address (/30 subnet) with possibility of expansion.
  • High-speed Ethernet port is already included in the price
  • Colocation inside one of Russia's leading data centers - E1.
  • Uplinks of major Russian network operators and foreign IX's
  • Network availability of 99% per month
  • Manual or remote any-time server reboot
  • Support for the primary and secondary DNS server for the client's domain.
  • Connection to the network using Juniper and Cisco equipment.
  • 24-hour colocation support team.
  • Configurable monitoring system of your accomodated equipment
  • Access to colocation client's area.
  • 24-hour access to the data center for maintenance works.

1 - This service gives you a directly connected remote console access to your server (display, keyboard, mouse and USB).

2 - Hosting your equipment without rack rails will increase the colocation price by ˆ12 per month per piece, if there is a technical capability to install this equipment in the data center

3 - 350W of power usage is provided for free per piece of hosted equipment. Additional 100W of power usage (full or partial) is calculated according to the current price list. Power capacity calculation is carried out by summarization of power output capacity specified by the manufacturer on all of the PSU's which will be connected to the power grid.

4 - Free of charge 100Mbit/s connection setup for the client's server is provided only if the load of this connection is no more than 30% (bandwidth must be less than or equal to 30Mbit/s). If the load exceeds this limit the connection will be restricted to 10Mbit/s. The client has an option of upgrading to a 100Mbit/s dedicated bandwidth (price is listed above).

5 - /30 subnet has only 1 usable IP address, other 3 IP addresses are for technical purposes only. Additional usable IP addresses can be ordered separately according to the price list.

info - Colocation, co-location or collocation service means hosting or accommodating physical equipment of the client in the data center of the provider.

Prices are VAT exclusive (20%). Prices are shown in Euros